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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.



January 6th, 2020


Due to a lack of quorum, the regularly scheduled meeting of the New Dosey Town Board has been postponed to January 14 at 7:30pm at the Cloverton Town Hall.

Fran Levings,


December 18th, 2019


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Chair Dave Fornengo.  Also present were Supervisors Jason Fornengo and Anthony John Fornengo, Clerk Fran Levings, Deputy Clerk Tammy Miritello, Don Schirmer and Ron Mosser.  Absent was Treasurer Mandy Fornengo.


                        Don Schirmer said he had spoken with the State Auditor and had learned the following- (1) A Resolution is needed for the policy of compensating all Board members for any meetings that they do not attend. (2) Since AJ Fornengo serves on both the town board and the planning commission, he can attend Planning meetings, but cannot vote at those meetings.  (3) The North Pine Area Hospital District Representative, when presenting a report on the District, cannot offer an opinion on any of the activities reported on.

                        Ron Moser inquired if the pay received by the plow truck driver is taken from both the Driveways and the Road & Bridge account.  Chair Fornengo replied that 75% of his pay is taken from the Driveways Fund and 25% from the Road & Bridge Fund.

Motion by Jason Fornengo, second by Dave Fornengo, to approve the Agenda.  Carried (3-0).

Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Fornengo, to approve the Minutes of the November 13, 2019 Board meeting.  Carried (3-0).


            Clerk Fran Levings presented the Treasurer’s Report.

            FUND BALANCES:

                        General                                               $5,789.92

                        Road & Bridge                                     $11,161.80

                        Cemetery/Landscaping                       ($187.20)

                        Fire Protection                                    $13,137.75

                        Fire Hall                                               $125.45

                        Driveways                                           $7,355.45

                        Savings                                                $1,165.12

                        Cartway-B.Johnson                             $1,398.04

                        CD                                                       $19,436.02

                        TOTAL FUNDS                                     $59,382.35

            RECEIPTS- NOVEMBER, 2019

#112669          Dave & Fran Baker                  Snowplowing               $120.00

#112672          Jason & Aimee DuFrese          Snowplowing               $120.00

#112656          Jan Streiff                                Snowplowing               $120.00

#112657          Robin Kemp                             Snowplowing               $120.00

#112658          Tania Starowoitow                  Snowplowing               $120.00

#112659          Samantha Gardner                 Snowplowing               $120.00

#112660          Dave Warchol                         Snowplowing               $120.00

#112661          Craig Javes                              Snowplowing               $120.00

#112662          Agnes Sexton                           Snowplowing               $120.00

#112663          Tammy Miritello                     Snowplowing               $120.00

#112664          John Goodrich                         Snowplowing               $120.00

#112665          Diana Stellmach                      Snowplowing               $120.00

#112666          Carol Seeley                            Snowplowing               $120.00

#112671          Don Eddy                                 Snowplowing               $120.00

#112673          Ken & Peggy Coveau               Snowplowing               $120.00

#112668          Dave & Mandy Fornengo        Snowplowing               $120.00

#112670          John & Robin Fornengo          Snowplowing               $120.00

TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                 $2040.00

            Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Carried (3-0).


            Clerk Fran Levings presented the Claims List and the Net Payroll List for approval.


            #7129              Mandy Fornengo        Replace Nov. Check                            $138.52

            #7130              Dave Baker                  Disposal District Meeting                   $50.00

            #7131              Fran Levings                Septic Meeting                                    $20.00

            #7132              Dave Fornengo            Septic Meeting                                    $20.00

            #7133              Jason Fornengo           Lost Check, Gas for Truck                   $208.10

            #7134              MATIT                         Workers Compensation Insurance     $788.00

            #7135              Don Eddy                     Cartway Refund                                  $400.00

            #7136              C&T Contracting         Road Work                                          $1,000.00

            #7137              MPJ Enterprises          Beaver Control                                    $505.00

            #7138              North Star Media        Public Notices                                     $140.88

            #7139              Town of Wilma           Heller Road Work                                $168.75

            #7140              AT&T                           Telephone/Internet                             $97.40

            #7141              Couri & Ruppi Law      Cartway Work                                     $100.00

            #7142              Pine Septic Design      Septic Inspection                                 $100.00

            #7143              Ben Franklin Store       Community Event                               $24.32

            #7144              Sandstone ACE            Community Event                               $12.86

            #7145              Chris’ Food Center      Community Event                               $49.42

            TOTAL CLAIMS                                                                                               $3,823.25


            AJ Fornengo                $100.00                       Fran Levings                $520.00

            Dave Fornengo            $180.00                       Tamara Miritello        $40.00

            Jason Fornengo           $775.00                       Frank Rehberger         $325.00

            Robin Fornengo           $80.00                         Doug Wiita                  $50.00

            Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Fornengo, to pay these bills.  Carried (3-0).


  1.  Township Election March 19, 2019. 

Supervisor (3-year term)

Clerk (2-year term)

File between 8 am on Dec. 31, 2019 and 5 pm on January 14, 2020.

Notices have been sent to newspapers.

  •  Presidential Primary on March 3, 2020. All judges (even those with Mail-in Voting) must attend a one-hour training.
  • Board of Audit ½ hour prior to February Board Meeting.


                                    Chair Fornengo said he had spoken with an attorney from the Minnesota Association of Townships who informed him that if an Interim Zoning Administrator has served for 12 years, she is automatically the permanent Zoning Administrator.  Planning Commissioner Don Schirmer lodged the following complaints against the Zoning Administrator- She told a weekender that the township has required Land Use Permits since 2006, when in fact, we have required them since 2007.  She has never read the proposed Pine County Zoning Ordinance and she has no idea what is in the New Dosey Land Use Ordinance.  Fran Levings then resigned as Zoning Administrator for New Dosey Township.   


  1.  Supervisors signed off on the 2019 Road Work Order.
  2. The Road Certification Report required annually by the Pine County Land Department has been submitted.  Supervisors examined the copy of it.  This report is used to determine gas tax allocations each year.  Ron Mosser again questioned why township roads are recorded with Pine County and some are not. Chair Fornengo responded that it is not unusual for townships to have roads that have not been recorded- the process at the county level began changing in the 1940s and has been very confusing for a long time.  It is the Road Certification list that provides the official record of township roads that are maintained.   In response to a question from Don Schirmer regarding the culvert request made by Norman Dustin, he said that request has been carried over to 2020. 
  3. Assessing Update-Clerk Levings reported that Township Assessor Bob Brewster had told her that Pine County must decide by January 1, 2020, whether or not to begin doing all assessing in 2020.  Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to sign a 2-year contract with Mr. Brewster.  Carried (3-0). 


  1.  No action was taken on whether or not to turn the township Septic administration over to Pine County.  Some Septic meetings are planned and a decision will be made at a later date.


  1.  Chair Fornengo reported that the plow truck has been serviced.
  2. Don Schirmer requested authorization to attend the MAT Short Course in March.  Request will be on the Agenda for January meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,

Fran Levings, Clerk

Also signed by the Chair ______________________  Date ________________


November 25th, 2019


Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Chair Dave Fornengo.  Also present were Supervisors

AJ Fornengo and Jason Fornengo, Clerk Fran Levings, Dave Baker, Township Assessor Bob Brewster, Don Schirmer, Ron Mosser, Jeff Lindgren and Don Eddy.  Absent were Treasurer Mandy Fornengo and Deputy Clerk Tamara Miritello.


  1.  Ron Mosser said a motion had been approved at the Annual Meeting to not do roadside brushing this year and he asked why it was done.  Chair Fornengo responded that it was discussed at the Annual Meeting, but no motion was passed. He further said that some residents had requested that the roadsides be cleared this year and there is no plan to do so in 2020.  Don Schirmer commented that the roadside brushing this year was not very effective.
  2. Bob Brewster used his Public Input time after the Zoning Report was given.  He expressed his concern with the proposed Pine County policy to, beginning in 2020, to do the assessing, thus eliminating the positions of township assessors.  He said he has been the assessor for New Dosey Township for 15 years and believes he has provided excellent service.  He does not think the quality of assessing will be as good or as thorough as it has been with him because he can take the time to give special attention to each parcel. He drew Supervisors attention to the 2 letters in their packet- one from him and another from the Pine County Administrator.  These letters present differing costs of the proposed policy.  Mr. Brewster maintains that it will be more expensive for townships under county assessing.  He encouraged representatives for our town board to attend the November 26 meeting in Sandstone to speak in opposition to the proposal.   Both AJ Fornengo and the Chair indicated that they will try to attend the meeting.  No action was taken on Mr. Brewster’s request to get a 2-year Assessing Contract agreed upon by the Board.

Mr. Brewster also inquired about an assessment for Deloris Schirmer and Chair Fornengo said we should know after the first snowfall where the boundaries of the turn-around are.

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by AJ Fornengo to approve the Agenda.  Carried (3-0).

Motion by Jason Fornengo, second by Dave Fornengo, to approve the Minutes of the October 3, 2019, regular meeting of the Board.  Carried (3-0).

Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to approve the Minutes of the Johnson Cartway Hearing on October 28, 2019.  Carried (3-0).


Clerk Fran Levings presented the Treasurer’s Report as prepared by Treasurer Mandy Fornengo.


            General Fund                                                   $7,577.63

            Road & Bridge Fund                                        $14,053.92

            Cemetery/Landscaping Fund                          ($152.55)

            Fire Protection Fund                                       $13,137.75

            Fire Hall Fund                                                  $125.45

            Driveways Fund                                               $6,061.03

            Cartway-B. Johnson                                         $2,000

            Savings Account                                              $1.164.83

            CD                                                                   $19,436.02

            TOTAL FUNDS                                                 $63,404.08

Chair Fornengo questioned the large amount in the Fire Protection Fund.  Clerk responded that the township has over-levied in that fund for a few years now and that the Board lowered the levy in this fund for 2020.


            Dan Raboin                             Land Use Permit                     $25.00

            Randy Maxwell                       Land Use Permit                     $25.00

            Tri Township Disposal             Reimbursement-Meetings      $300.00

            Mark Berres                            Plowing Private Drive             $120.00

            Scott Walberg                         Land Use Permit                     $25.00

            Jason Fornengo                       Plowing Private Drive             $120.00

            Brandon Johnson                     Cartway Bond                          $2,000.00

            State of MN-ACH Funds          ½-Ag Market Value                 $54.66

            Northview Bank                      Interest-Checking                    $5.75

            Northview Bank                      Interest-CD                              $61.04

            TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                     $2,736.45

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Carried (3-0).


Clerk Fran Levings presented the Claims and Net payroll lists for approval.


 #7108             ECE                              Electricity                                $55.00

#7109              Askov Deep Rock        Winchout                                 $250.00

#7110              Dave Fornengo            Cartway,Mileage,Gas,Lease   $239.78

#7111              AJ Fornengo                Cartway, Planning                   $120.00

#7112              Fran Levings                Cartway, Mileage                   $195.80

#7113              Tamara Miritello        Cartway                                   $50.00

#7114              MJC Equipment           Equipment Rental                   $355.30

#7115              AT&T                           Telephone/Internet                 $97.46

#7116              Sebald Motor              Plow Truck Repair                   $449.69

#7117              Couri & Ruppe,LLP      Legal Services                         $700.00

#7118              Bjerke Law Offices      Legal Services-Cartway           $112.50

#7119              Northstar Media         Legal Notices-Cartway & Plowing  $348.34

#7120              NAPA-Sandstone         Brake Fluid                              $26.99

#7121              Hopkins Sand & Gravel – Gravel                                 $921.26

#7122              Kettle River Grafix      Posters                                    $5.00

#7123              Jason Fornengo           Road Matting                          $353.22

#7124              U.S. Postal Service      Certified Mail-Cartway           $7.00

#7125              Casey’s Store               Motor Fuels                             $28.93

#7126              Chris’ Gas Center        Motor Fuels                             $43.18

#7127              Sandstone ACE            Tools & Shovels                       $81.83

#7128              Office Depot                Office Supplies                        $24.08

TOTAL CLAIMS                                                                                   $4,464.36


AJ Fornengo                $100.00                                   Mandy Fornengo         $150.00

Dave Fornengo            $345.00                                   Fran Levings                $430.00

Jason Fornengo           $100.00                                   Tamara Miritello        $180.00

Julia Fornengo             $37.50                                     Doug Wiita                  $637.50

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by AJ Fornengo, to pay these bills.  Carried (3-0).


  1.  Reminder- All-Community Get-Together- Dec. 7- Potluck-5:30pm
  2. Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to approve a Resolution Designating the Cloverton Town Hall as the Polling Place for 2020.

ZONING REPORT:       Zoning Officer Fran Levings stated that she has been the Interim Zoning Administrator since 2007 and she requested that she be moved up to being the Permanent Zoning Administrator.  Planning Commissioner Don Schirmer strongly objected to this move and stated that the Zoning Administrator position should be posted for applicants.  The Board tabled this until the December meeting.


  1.  January 24, 2020, was set as the date for the 2nd Brandon Johnson Cartway Hearing.
  2. The 2019 Road Work Order was tabled to the December meeting for sign-off.
  3. NPAHD Report- Fran Levings reported that a Special Award will be given to Cheryl McHugh, Administrator-Therapeutic Services Agency, Pine City, and to Eric Nielsen, Administrator-Gateway Clinic, Sandstone, for their work in establishing a Mental Health Therapist at the Gateway Clinic. These awards will be presented at the November meeting of the NPAHD Board.
  4. Regarding the Don Eddy Cartway- Chair Fornengo learned that if a Cartway petition is withdrawn 9 days before the scheduled date of the Hearing, no Hearing needs to be held even though all Legal Notices have been published and posted.  Therefore, motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Jason Fornengo, to reimburse Don Eddy for those expenses he paid to Board members to attend the Cartway Hearing.  Carried (3-0).  Those Board members who were paid will forego their compensation for the upcoming December meeting. 


  1. Dave Baker presented the Annual Report of the Tri-Township Disposal District.  He distributed copies of the report and said their Treasury is in solid b++shape.  The District kept the old garbage truck and has used it for back up this year.
  2. Clerk Levings reported on the Pine County Township Officers Meeting- She gave the following highlights. (1) State Senator Jason Rarick said he plans to try to amend the ‘6-Year Rule” regarding public roadways so that property will have to be notified if their land will be taken. (2) County Board Member  Steve Hallan explained how the recent data breach occurred. 2 people tried to get a woman’s SS check put into one of their bank accounts.  (3) Auditor Kelly Schroder said MN will have a Presidential Primary on March 3, 2020.  Mail-in Ballot recipients will have to choose one ballot of the political party of their choice and only vote on that ballot. (4) County Attorney Reese Frederickson said the County has established a Veteran’s Court.  He also said that the top 5 drug dealers in the county have all been charged. (5) Sheriff Nelson urged people to contact his office about any suspicious activity.  (6) The Regional Census Director stressed how important it is to complete the census survey.  (7) Levings spoke at the meeting about the NPAHD.  (8) Mindy Sandell now works with Ben Weiner in the County Veteran’s office.  (9) Jim Fischer, MAT, said they are considering not having Summer Short Courses anymore.

Don Schirmer said he attended this meeting also and the Sheriff has added another deputy.


            Respectfully submitted,

            Fran Levings, Clerk

            Also signed by the Chair.  ___________________________  Date ___________