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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.





Everyone out here in the little township of New Dosey knows and likes Vicki Elliott.She and her husband Todd are the busy owners of the convenience store, gas-station, bar and restaurant known to all of us as the Hay Creek Outpost.

Victoria Lynn Fleury was born on September 13th, 1965, to Karen and Bill Fluery. She has 2 sisters, 1 brother, and because her parents divorced and married other people, she also has 5 stepsisters and brothers.

Vicki was born in St. Paul and the family moved to Blaine when she was a toddler. She started school in Fridley, but in the 6th grade, the family moved to Isanti and she graduated early from Cambridge High School in January 1984.During high school, her focus was on office courses- accounting, word processing, business, etc.

She continued working in restaurants after high school.Vicki married Brett Simonson in April of 1984 and their son David was born in 1986.

Vicki worked at the Volunteers in America “Bar None Boys Ranch” in St. Francis for 2 years. She was residential counselor for autistic children.Since she had had years of experience working with a developmentally disabled stepbrother, she was well-fitted for this type of work.

Her next job was with Cambridge Metals & Plastics where she did office work for 2 years.

Then, for 13 years, Vicki worked for Mo-Tech (Modern Technology), an automotive industry.She began as a receptionist, but eventually became the Human Resources Manager.She took some college courses while at this position.

Vicki and Brett divorced in 1992.Vicki had worked for many years with Todd Elliott at Mo-Tech and they were married in July, 1997.Todd brought 2 children- Candy and Clint to the union.

In addition to being co-owner and operator of the Hay Creek Outpost, Vicki has been the treasurer for New Dosey Township for 2 years.She is a voracious reader, with Stephen King novels being near the top of her reading list.

Vicki is a friendly, compassionate and out-going person and we are proud to haveher in our community.

Update January 30, 2012: Todd and Vicki Elliot moved to Cottage Grove, MN.  Todd is continuing as the road contractor for New Dosey Township.

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