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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.


Private Plowing




WHEREAS, the Town Board of New Dosey Township is the road authority and provides maintenance for approximately 20 miles of road in the Town;

WHEREAS, the Board, as the road authority provides for snow and ice control on the town roads it has designated to receive winter maintenance;

WHEREAS, the Board determines that it is in the best interest of the Town to develop a policy on winter road maintenance considering the limited budget, personnel and equipment available as well as the large geographic area and low population density of the Town.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board adopts the following as the Snow and Ice Control policy of the Town:

I. Policy Considerations

In developing policy for winter road maintenance, the Town must balance a number of factors including, but not limited to, the following: public safety, efficient transportation, safe and timely delivery of public services and emergency response, minimum impact on the environment and equipment and the safety of the individuals carrying out the work. Available funding and cost-effectiveness are also essential considerations.

II. Budget

Funding available for winter road maintenance comes from 2 sources: the Road & Bridge Levy set by the voters at the Annual Meeting and a component of the Property Tax and Gas Tax monies, distributed to the Townships via the County according to a formula based on population and road mileage and set by the State. Funding for plowing of private driveways is determined by state law”: MN Statute 160.21, subdivision 2 “a Town may remove snow from private property upon payment of not less that the cost thereof”. A fee is set that covers costs.

III. Timely Delivery of Maintenance (Priority of Work)

New Dosey Township has 2 distinct clusters of town roads. The eastern part of the township has 15.4 miles of roads prioritized for earliest plowing, then another 2.25 miles of roads plowed on request after the other roads are cleared. 1.8 miles of roads in the eastern part are generally not plowed. In the western part of the township 1.25 miles of roads have first priority and 1.75 miles of roads that are generally left unplowed as per landowner preference. 2 miles of roads in the center of the township are jointly managed by the Town and the DNR and left unplowed as part of the Willard Munger Trail system. The eastern and western priority roads are plowed by a motor grader (east) and plow-equipped truck (west). Priority is determined by 3 factors: (1) a U.S. mail route (2) a school bus route (3) considerable amount of traffic on the road. The above mentioned priorities only apply during times of heavy snowfall or drifting when considerable time would be expended in opening roads. Otherwise roads and driveways will be plowed in order on the route.

IV. Plowing of Private Drives

The Town will consider the plowing of private driveways to FULLTIME residents of New Dosey Township if requested to do so whenever the following conditions are met: (1) when town equipment is engaged in plowing roads in the vicinity (2) when town equipment is passing a driveway returning from road work (3) when the plowing of driveways does not unduly delay the removal he snow from public roads (MN Statute 160.21 subdivision 2) (4) when Appropriate Road/Driveway base allows for the weight of the snow removal equipment.  (5)  The driveway shall not be gated in any way/form.

The following procedures will apply:

Requests for driveway plowing must be received no later than October 15th in order that the plowing route can be established prior to the first snowfall. Late requests will NOT be considered. The request must be accompanied by a fee of $120.00 payable to New Dosey Township and sent to: Wayne Hessler, Treasurer, New Dosey Township, 78888 Highland Dr., Sandstone, MN 55072.


The Township will plow snow accumulations of over 4 inches when the snowfall, blowing, and drifting have ceased. Under normal conditions, the most cost-effective and efficient sequence will be followed in the ordering of roads to be cleared. The township will not apply salt and sand on a private driveway.

VI. COMPLAINTS AND QUESTIONS concerning winter road and/or driveway work should be directed to one of the town board supervisors, NOT to the plow drivers.

1. Dave Fornengo 320-279-7566

2. John Fornengo 320-279-1130

3. Jason Casani 612-735-8988

The Town contracts for its sand and salt application. Property owners must contact someone individually for an application on private property. Non-resident landowners must contact someone individually to hire for plowing.


a. The Board will periodically review this policy, taking into consideration any changing conditions in the Town’s circumstances, any complaints or comments received, and the experience learned from undertaking snow and ice control procedures.

b. The update policy as of 3/2023 was voted on at the annual meeting.

Adopted this _____ day of ____________________, 2_______

BY THE TOWN BOARD : (Town Board Chair) _____________________________

Attest: (Town Clerk) ___________________________