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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.



June 7th, 2011


SCHOOL HOUSE ROAD:   Culvert needs a screen

Pit Run (6-board will explain this number)) in low spots

1 load @ l mile in from Pine Cty. 24

2 loads @ .4 mile in from Pine Cty. 24

LOGGERS LANE:                2 loads pit run N. of  Maria’s driveway

ENNERSTROM ROAD:       2 loads Class 5 (from County Pit) 50 yds. back from gate

(Should gate be removed?)

CREEK VIEW LANE:          1 load pit run @ washed-out culvert

8 loads pit run before turnaround.

2 loads pit run on each culvert.

20 loads pit run N. of turnaround

DOYLE LANE:                     Cut trees back 15 ft. from center line (Wes-winter)

3 loads pit run N. from # 63916

1 load pit run in “Bowl” (by yellow & orange sign) S. of

# 64637

Replace old-tile culvert(12”) & cover w/2 loads pit run.

WILDCAT LANE:                10-15 loads Class 5- (thinly spread).

Cover culvert near Agnes’ house

HAY CREEK ROAD: (N. of Pine Cty. 32)

Cover culvert

5 loads each of Class 5 & pit run from # 65246 going N.

(Class 5 on base w/pit run on top)

SQUIB CREEK DRIVE:      4 loads Class 5 by # 75751

1 load Class 5 E. of Deloris’ driveway

HAY CREEK ROAD: (S. of Pine Cty. 32)

6 loads Class 5 going S. from Holter’s to base of

cemetery hill.

6 loads Class 5 from # 59097 going N.

5 loads pit run from # 59623 going S.

Culvert needed at # 58704

WHITE TAIL LANE:                        Ditching (Township will hire this done)

1 load Class 5 over the rocks.

LITTLE FAWN DRIVE:       Dig out in front of culvert to improve the drainage.

MCDERMOTT CREEK ROAD:      2 loads Class 5 from Holter’s going W. to “Stop

Ahead” sign.

5 loads Class 5 from E. of #74434 to #74199.

15 loads pit run from Old    Clint’s driveway to

W. #73159 to Timber Ridge Rd.

Cover w/1 load Class 5

2 loads pit run to cover the corduroy going W. past

Lydia’s driveway.

1 load pit run on culvert by “Trespassing” sign

Ditch the N. side (Township will hire)

Going past Lydia’s driveway- 2-3 loads pit run

Over the hill (all bad spots) & turnaround.

15 loads pit run (6) from Holter’s to # 75370

4 more loads pit run (6) in low spots and more by

the dump)

2 loads pit run on bad part around Todd’s driveway.

2 loads pit run by Wolf’s driveway.

Ditching (Township will hire)

TIMBER RIDGE ROAD:                 3-5 loads pit run (6).

12” culvert by Wes’ driveway.

BEE HIVE LANE:                            Ditching (Township will hire)

Culvert needed.

COVEAU LANE:                              Nothing this year.

HESSLER LANE:                             Nothing this year.

HIGHLAND DRIVE:                                   Nothing this year.

GREEN PINE LANE:                                   1 load good pit run.

KINGSDALE ROAD:                       2 loads pit run from Wes’ driveway going N.

12 loads pit run S. of Canessi’s

Clear the ditch and put 2 more pit run.

Culvert needed at #63830, then cover w/2 pit run

Ditching needed other side of #63157. (Township)

2 loads pit-run S. of #64196 & culvert needed at

driveway, then 1 load pit run N. of driveway

2 loads pit run S. of #64838

Culvert needed at #65622, then contractor must

Ditch, then put 1 load pit run S. of culvert.

3 loads pit run on low spots .4 mile S. of # 66941,

then 3 loads pit run N. of culvert.

KINGSDALE ROAD CON’T          2 loads Class 5 S. of # 67665, then 15 loads Class 5

N. of #67665

Ditching needed SE of curve by Adolph’s Drive.

(Township will hire)

10 loads pit run going N. of #69230.

2 loads Class 5 on the “S” curve.

ROCKY ROAD:                                5 loads pit run in low spots.

OMANS DRIVE:                               2 loads Class 5 to cover corduroy by # 79430.

Culvert needed by #79115

Culvert needed by # 79339

Ditching needed from $79355 (Township)

KINGSDALE LOOP:                                    Nothing this year.

ADOLPHS DRIVE:                          Nothing this year.

MATT LOUREY TRAIL:                 (This is a special project being done in conjunction

w/ Pine County and Trail & Waters. Details

be worked out this summer)