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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.




Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by Chair Dave Fornengo via telephone conference.  Also present via telephone conference were the following: Supervisor Anthony Fornengo, Supervisor Dave Baker, Clerk Tamara Miritello, Deputy Clerk Samantha Gardner, Treasurer Wayne Hessler, NPAHD Representative Fran Levings.


Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Baker to approve the agenda. (Carried 3-0)

Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Baker to approve the minutes form April 8th, 2020 Regular Board meeting. (Carried 3-0)

Treasurer Wayne Hessler presented and prepared the Treasurer’s Report and Cash Balance Statement.


                General Fund –                                                                  $2,310.23

                Road and Bridge –                                                             $31,708.03

                Cemetery/Landscaping –                                               $3,201.07

                Fire Protection –                                                                $6,503.54

                Driveways –                                                                         $6,392.76

                Savings –                                                                               $1,145.25

                TOTAL FUNDS                                                                   $51,385.83


                Town of Arna- Snow Removal                                     $100.00

                Northview Bank – Interest/checking                        $6.51

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by AJ Fornengo to approve the Treasurer’s Report. (Carried 3-0)

Clerk Tamara Miritello prepared and Treasurer Wayne Hessler presented the Claims Report and Net Payroll for approval.


                #7201    Napa Auto           Brake Fluid                          $24.99

                #7202    Ziegler Cat           Parts                                      $827.50

                #7203    MATIT                   Insurance                            $2,100.00

                #7204   AT&T                     Internet/Telephone        $96.95

                #7205    ECE                         Electric Bill April/May     $119.00


                Dave Baker                                                                         $200.00

                AJ Fornengo                                                                       $300.00

                Dave Fornengo                                                                 $375.00

                Wayne Hessler                                                                  $180.00

                Fran Levings                                                                       $90.00

                Tamara Miritello                                                               $285.00

Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to pay these bills. (Carried 3-0)


  • Head Election Judge/Clerk Training (Mandatory) – Monday June 29th, 2020.
  • NPAHD Report
    • Fran Levings reported that all Hospital District meetings are being held via conference calls due to the coronavirus pandemic. She further reported that the District has:
  • Approved a motion to honor the grant request from the Bruno Food Shelf for $7,000.
  • Approved a motion to honor a grant request from Therapeutic Service Agency to provide counseling for clients who, due to lay-offs and job shutdowns, can no longer pay for their services.
  • Micheal Hedrix, Essentia Administrator, has been laid off due to budget cuts and Heather O’Brien, RN, is interim administrator.


  • Fran Levings reported that since Pine County has not yet held the public hearing necessary for them to begin administrating Zoning Services in New Dosey Township, she will remain as Zoning Administrator for the township.  She further reported that she sent a letter to a township resident respectfully requesting that they clean up their front yard.  The township Zoning Ordinance has no enforcement language to address the issue of blight.
  • Land Use Permit granted
    •  #172 Sheng Vang – Cabin and Camper
    •  # 173 Rick Weinhans – Cabin with deck
  • Planning Commission
    • AJ Fornengo and Dave Baker cannot serve on the Planning Commission as they are now Town Supervisors. Motion to appoint Beverly Carlin and Jan Streift to fill these vacancies.
    • Fran Levings will look into and review what the ordinance is to divided properties for sale and will report back next month.

Motion by AJ Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to appoint Beverly Carlin and Jan Streift. (Carried 3-0).


  • Road Review – Work order for 2020 –


  • Looking into beaver control with the DNR for the Gandy Dancer.
  • AJ Fornengo will check to see if Adam Fornengo will be willing to mow both properties for the summer of 2020
  • In 2012, New Dosey Township purchased 6 culverts (12”by 30’) and 7 culverts (15” by 30’) for $2,875.80. Arna Township reimbursed New Dosey Township in 2012, $2113.80 for some of these culverts. Both Arna Township clerk Cheryl Wickham nor former New Dosey Township clerk Fran Levings can find a record of how many and what size culvers Arna ordered. Arna Township would like to pick up their culverts and store them in Markville. The current inventory of culverts stored at New Dosey are the following:
    • 7  – 15” by 30’
    • 6 – 10” by 30’
    • 1 – 16” by 30’
    • 4 – 12” by 30’
    • 1 – 30” by 30’
    • 1 – 13” by 30’

Former Clerk Levings proposes:  Have Arna Township take 5 – 15” by 30’ culverts that were purchased for $242.40 each and 4- 12” by 30’ culverts that were purchased for $196.50 each for a total of $1998.  This would leave a balance due to Arna Township for $115.00.

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by AJ Fornengo, to approve reimbursement to Arna Township for $115.00 as well as pick up the proposed culverts.

  • Dave Fornengo is directing all calls to the Town hall phone number as he has been receiving negative calls that are not appropriate for his personal line.
  • 3 Signs on the Squib Creek turn- a-round have been taking down by township resident.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara L Miritello, Clerk

Also, Signed by the Chair__________________________________________________Date___________________________

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