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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.




Meeting called to order at7:30 Chair Dave Fornengo.  Also present were Supervisors Wes Cemenski and Dave Baker, Treasurer Margaret Coveau, Clerk Fran Levings, Don Eddy, Jan Proffit and Ed Proffit.

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to amend the agenda by moving theEnnerstrom Lanediscussion to New Business.  Motion carried.

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting ofAugust 10, 2011, as printed.  Carried.

Treasurer Margaret Coveau presented the Treasurer’s Report (Attached to file copy of these minutes).  Fund balances are:  General-$3348.39, Road & Bridge-$19,186.38- Cemetery/Landscaping-$510.97-Fire Protection- $2890.05- Fire Hall-$125.45-Cartway-($6.02)- Savings Account-$7143.60 and CDs-$51,351.37.  Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Carried.

Clerk Fran Levings presented the Claims List and the Net Payroll List for approval. (Attached to file copy of these minutes)  Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Wes Cemenski, to pay these bills.  Carried.


  1. 22 notices sent to persons on the Plowing Private Driveways List.
  2. Cemetery book and folder are on loan to the Pine County Genealogy Society.  They are conducting a “find the grave” project.
  3. Township Legal Seminar is available in Cotton, MN on Oct. 1.
  4. District 7 MAT meeting inCambridgeon Sept. 17.


  1. Land Use Permit # 85 issued to Brad Davison for a storage shed and Land Use Permit # 86 to Richard Manfredini for a storage shed also.
  2. Copies sent of all Land Use Permits issued from 9-10 to 9-11 to the Pine County Assessor and to Bob Brewster, local assessor.


  1. Matt Lourey Trail update- Supervisor Baker reported that T & T Logging Company has done repair work.  Mr. Baker walked the trail and was pleased with the work.  He closed the road temporarily to let the gravel settle.
  2. Alternative Energy Project update-  Kris Schmid, Legacy Solar Inc., has been hired to oversee the project.  Supervisor Baker said the next step is  for the township to install the tracker.  He has spoken with the Alternative Energy coordinator for East Central Electric Company.  This person said that he thought that what the township planned was a viable application.  He will send permit and fee information to Mr. Baker.
  3. DoyleRoadTreeRemovalProjectupdate- Townshipreceived replies from all of the property owners except one.  They all gave permission to remove the trees and they all want the logs.  Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to hire Cemenski Tree Services to do the project with the price to be set by Mr. Cemenski and paid over a pro-rated period of time to be determined when Mr. Cemenski submits his price.  Supervisor Cemenski abstained from the vote and the motion was carried.


  1. Hire a snow truck plow operator- Mr. Ken Coveau will be offered the position.  If he declines, an ad will be placed.
  2. Ennerstrom Laneconcern update- Chair Fornengo reported on a conversation he had with the renter at the end of the road.  The renter is concerned about traffic on the road and would like to see the road privatized.  Mr. Fornengo is prepared to tell him that the township has worked onEnnerstrom Lanefor 6 of the last 7 years and that the road is indeed a township road. Supervisors expressed concern about the gate by the culvert being an impediment to grading and snow removal.
  3. Supervisor Baker reported on a conversation he had with a property owner on the so-calledKirchberg Roadwho claimed she has been denied access to her property by another property owner.  Mr. Baker explained that there is a procedure available to the township to “dedicate the trail” as a township road, but the impetus must come from a property owner on the trail.


  1. Supervisor Baker reported on a conversation he had with a property owner at the end of the Matt Lourey Trail (formerly Munger Trail) going north from Pine County Hwy. 32.  The property owner requested help from the township in maintaining the road. Clerk was authorized to notify all property owners on this trail of a special town meeting to be held (date will be worked out within a few days, then notification will be sent) for the purpose of asking the voters for permission to make improvements and to re-assert town authority over the road.
  2. Ed Proffit reported thatMcDermott Creek Road westof Lydia Mishler’s  home has lumps that need to be removed-scooped into a truck and hauled away.

Meeting adjourned at9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Fran Levings, Clerk __________________________

Also signed by the Chair _______________________  Date ______________

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