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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.




Meeting called to order at7 Clerk Fran Levings.  Nine voters of the town, eight property owners on the Matt Lourey Trail going North of Pine County Hwy 32, Rick Dunkley, Trail & Parks, and Mark Wester, DNR, were present.

Clerk Levings announced that the township now has both a website and an e-mail address.  She announced that the public was notified of this meeting by a public notice in the Pine County Courier,  a notice on the website, and postings on both the outside notice board and the inside bulletin board.  She reminded the group that they could only speak on the purpose of the meeting as announced, i.e., the town board is seeking authorization from the voters of the township to re-assert township authority and make improvements on that part of the Matt Lourey Trail going one mile north of Pine County Highway 32.  She asked that all speakers give his/her name when addressing the group and she said that refreshments were available.

Ed Carlin was unanimously elected moderator of the group.

Dave Baker explained that a request had come from a property owner on this section of the Matt Lourey for help from the township in maintaining this one mile section. If approval is given, he explained, the road would be a minimum/maintenance road the same as the work done on the Matt Lourey Trail going South of Pine County Hwy. 32. The township has done similar work on bothCreek View LaneandSchool House Road.  The project would not raise taxes for property owners.

Dave Fornengo explained that the road would then be added to the township list of certified roads and the township would be eligible for gas tax money.

Scott Trenholm said he supports the idea that the road would be “ugly” so as to discourage a lot of traffic from the public.

Dave Fornengo explained the annual “road review” process.  The board decides at that time what and how much work will be done on each road that year.

Ed Carlin asked if the projects would involve any culverts.

Scott Trenholm said that none were needed.

Julie Trenholm asked if the DNR would be involved.

Rick Dunkley, DNR representative, said the road is currently used as a snowmobile trail, thus there would be DNR involvement.  He also said the DN R cooperates with the township on theRash Road.

Dave Fornengo asked if land owners would want the road plowed in the winter.  There would be no cost for plowing the road itself, but property owners would have to pay a $120 fee to have a driveway plowed. Roads are plowed after a 4 inch accumulation of snow.

Rick Dunkley said the DNR keeps snowmobile trails plowed.

Charles Tapelt said he would prefer that the road NOT be plowed.

Dave Baker said the township has been asked to NOT plow eitherCreek View LaneofSchool House Roadby the property owners.

Julie Trenholm asked if road signs would be put up.

Dave Fornengo responded by saying that the county would take care of this upon notification by the township.

Charles Tapelt said he favors the idea of improvements.

Don Eddy asked if any of the property owners present were against the township making improvements.

No one responded that they were.  Don Eddy made the motion that the township make improvements on that section of the Matt Lourey Trail going north of Pine County Hwy 32 for one mile and re-assert its authority over it.  Motion seconded by Dave Baker.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran Levings, Clerk ______________________________

Also signed by the Moderator ________________________

Date ___________________________

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