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Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. by Clerk Fran Levings.  Also present were Dave Baker, Dave Fornengo, Gary Quick, Brad Bjorkland, Merle Root, Rick Dunkley (DNR), Jim Root, Don Mishler, Paul Hackl, Don Eddy, Ed Carlin, Todd Elliott, Wes Cemenski, and Jim Montzka.

Clerk Levings made the following announcements:

  1. The township now has a website-
  2. The township now has an email address-
  3. How the public was notified of this meeting-  (a) Notice in the Pine County Courier(published twice), (b) notice on bulletin and notice boards at town hall, (c) notice on webpage (d) letters sent to all property owners on Creek View Lane
  4. Everyone present is encouraged to present opinions, but only electors of the town may vote.
  5. Please give your name before you speak so the Minutes can reflect that.
  6. Coffee and cookies are available. Please help yourselves.

Dave Baker nominated Todd Elliott to be the moderator of the meeting.  No other nominations.  Todd Elliott elected by unanimous vote.

Moderator Elliott explained that the only purpose of the meeting was for the voters to authorize or not an expansion of road work on Creek View Lane.  The township currently only claims the first ¼ mile as a town road.  The question before the group was to decide if the township should claim and work on a longer stretch and, if so,  how long should the stretch be and how much road work should be done.

Jim Montza asked why we are considering opening the road to more work.

Dave Baker said that the Board was approached by 2 property owners requesting that we do so.

Brad Bjorkland spoke in favor of extending the road work.  Said he owns 40 acres on the west side.  He had researched the history of Creek View Lane going back to 1903.  It was at one time an archaeological site.  His family has been coming up here since 1932 and now 4 generations of his family have used the property.  It was known as the Bruno Road for many years.  He claimed that logging companies removed 16 culverts in the 1990s.  Severe damage has been done over the years.  He has spent over $1200.00 of his own money on improvements.  The worst damage is about 1 mile in – Swamp- Showed the group the tools he needs to use in order to access his land (chainsaw, 2 come-alongs, and a 27 ft. strap).  He recommends not fixing the road up really well.

Paul Hackl spoke in favor of the extension of road work.  Said he had not ulterior motives in bringing the matter to the Board.  Said the road in unusable.

Rick Dunkley, DNR, also spoke in favor of extension and said he represents the public, not the DNR. Acknowledged that some logging companies have done damage in the past.  Said that today there are more and better rules in place for loggers.  State has spent money on this road since 1992.  Said road disruptions are not always the fault of loggers.  Suggests taking another look at the Rash Road sometime.Said the current DNR  policy requires loggers to make improvements before doing the logging.


Don Eddy asked about the possibility of asking loggers to help pay for work to the make the road passable and the possibility of asking for an assessment of landowners to help forego the cost of road work.

Brad Bjorkland said that TNT Logging has a contract to log this winter.

Rick Dunkley expressed concerns for frozen ruts.

Merle Root said that loggers have been smoothing road out before it freezes.

(General discussion of the poor condition of the road and the damage done by logging)

Todd Elliott said township would need wetlands permits.

Dave Baker said that the property owners at this meeting must all be in agreement for the township to take road authority of the road. The township, being a public entity, can mitigate wetlands at no cost.

Gary Quick said he does support extension of the road, but does not support paying an assessment for road work. Said the township needs to take a caterpillar and fix the burms.  He said the work could be minimal.  Some culverts need to be put in.

Paul Hackl again spoke in favor of extension and lobbied for a reasonable, usable road- hard rock- whatever it takes.  He would be willing pay an assessment.

Clerk Levings said that in the past 3 years, when the township has been notified of damage done to town roads by logging companies, the Board has asked its road contractor for the price of damages, a letter is sent to the offending logging company, and the township has always been reimbursed. She encouraged property owners to notify the township when logging damage occurs.

Gary Quick said he remembers when the road was in excellent shape before 4-wheel drive trucks destroyed it.

Rick Dunkley, DNR, addressed the issue of beaver damage.  Back in the 1940s and 1950s, he said there were no beaver in the area.  But now that water is stagnant on both sides of the road, beaver are a problem.

Gary Quick disagreed and said beaver are not a current problem.  Have been in the past, but not now.  He spoke again about the need for 2 culverts being pulled out by loggers.  The ditches are full and should be cleaned out to prevent run-off.

Brad Bjorkland also spoke about culverts and run-off.  Disagreed with Mr. Quick and said there is big beaver dam close to Micheal Lawson’s place.

(Discussion ensued about beaver concerns)

Dave Baker said he had spoken with Jim Reimenschneider who is in favor of work being done on Creek View Lane, but could not attend tonight’s meeting.

Merle Root asked how much timber is left to cut.  He is concerned about clear-cutting.

Rick Dunkley responded by saying there is still some hardwood ridges left.  He gave a little history of timber in the area, going back to the 1980s.

(Discussion now of logging in the area)

Dave Baker related a conversation he had had with Greg Beck, Pine County Forester, .  Mr. Beck said some timber had been sold at auction to TNT Logging Company and to expect some possible logging this winter.  Mr. Beck also said that the township could buy gravel from the logged-over area for $1/yard.  Mr. Baker went on to say that if the Board is authorized to do so, it would start an incremental program of improving Creek View Lane.

Rick Dunklely,DNR, distributed a handout (copy attached to file copy of these minutes)

of a map of the area.  He also explained the “firewood” cutting program.  The DNR sells over 100 permits/year for this.  He also said the DNR could donate some culverts to improving Creek View Lane.

Gary Quick said that a logger named John Palmer had done an excellent job.

Brad Bjorkland reiterated that the property owners on Creek View Lane all paid taxes and want to be able to get to their land.  He thanked the township for this meeting and asked that something be done.

(Ten-minute break)

Moderator Elliott called the meeting back to order.  He asked first for further comments from the property owners, and getting none, asked for comments from the electors of the township.

Clerk Levings asked if any landowners present were opposed to authorizing the town board to opening up a longer stretch of Creek View Lane.  No hands went up.

Dave Fornengo said the Board would have to place a Creek View Lane extension on the Certified Road List with the Pine County Highway Department before it could begin working on it.  Nothing would happen right away.

Ed Carlin asked if anyone has looked at Creek View Lane to see how much it would cost the township to improve.

Dave Baker responded by saying the cost would depend on how much and how frequently work was done.  If we do get gravel from Pine County’s 40 acres and culverts from the DNR, that would be very helpful.  The town would work on the road when funds are available.  Something would have to be done about logging practices.

Ed Carlin said he does not want another raise in taxes and doesn’t think the township should take the road over just to put in a few culverts.

Dave Baker pointed out that the township portion of the property tax bill is quite small.  The majority of a person’s property tax goes to Pine County and the East Central School District.

Todd Elliott asked how far the voters would recommend that the township take over.

Dave Baker suggested considering about 2 miles.

Gary Quick asked if property owners could do some of the work.

Motion by Don Eddy to authorize the town board to consider and eventually start work on 2 miles of Creek View Lane (all the way from Pine County 32 to the Nemadji Forest).  Second by Wes Cemenski.

Dave Fornengo said he supported the motion because public funds are only available to for on a public, not private road.

(Discussion of Pine County gravel pits)

Vote called for on the motion. It passed unanimously by the voters of the township present.

Motion  by Dave Fornengo, second by Don Mishler, to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, _______________________________Fran Levings, Clerk

Also signed by the Chair______________________ Date signed __________

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