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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.


Board Meeting, July 14, 2008


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Dave Fornengo. Also present were supervisors Don Mishler and Dave Baker, treasurer Vicki Elliott, and clerk Fran Levings. Present in the audience were Wes Cemenski, Clint Elliott, Donald Proffit, Jerry Hanson, Cevin Chapman, John Nelson, and Todd Elliott.

Motion by Dave Baker, second by Don Mishler, to approve the minutes of June 9,2008, as printed. Carried.

Treasurer Vicki Elliott presented the treasurer’s report. Fund balances are:

General Fund $26,432.14

Road & Bridge Fund $2894.27

Cemetery Fund $104.05

Fire Protection Fund 0.00

Fire Hall Fund $309.07

CDs $90,838.57

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to approve the treasurer’s report. Carried.

Clerk Fran Levings presented the claims and payroll forms to be approved individually instead of as a group because the printer to the computer broke down this morning.

Motion by Dave Baker, second by Don Mishler, to pay all claims and payroll forms. Carried.


1. Reported on the need for a new printer. Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Don Mishler, to authorize the clerk to purchase a printer from Cybert-PC. Carried.

2. Clerk took voting machine to County Auditor’s Office to be programmed for the fall elections.

3. Clerk submitted a list of election judges to be approved. The list included 2 each of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Don Mishler, to approve Dave Baker (head judge), Helen Allen, Marlene Mishler, Dennis Sherman, Vicki Elliott, and Peggy Coveau to be judges. Carried.

4. Proposed legislation was presented to the June 9-10 meeting of MAT Legislative & Research Committee. Have not heard anything yet.

5. Clerk is registered for the Summer MAT Short Course in St. Cloud on July 18th.

6. Circulated a sheet on Ziegler Cat Auction services.


1. Land Use permit # 59 was issued to Ed Carlin (addition to home).

2. Certificate of Minor Subdivision issued to John Mishler to subdivide his mother’s land into 8 parcels.


1. Dave Baker said the WIND METER has been installed. 2 parts are needed. Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Don Mishler, to purchase a new operating system in necessary. Vicki Elliott said they could try using her Windows XP, then purchase one if it does not work.

2. Dave Baker reported that he has not heard back yet from Joe Alberio, Trail & Waterways personnel about work on the MUNGER TRAIL.

3. A snow plow truck from Larson Implement in Cambridge is on display in the town yard. Asking price is $29,000.00. Trade in of $3,000 was offered on our truck. Todd Elliott said the new truck would probably cut our fuel bill in half. Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Don Mishler, to purchase the newer truck on the following contingencies- install a locking fuel cap, replace the headlight, do a grease job, fix leak on transmission and install plow frame & controls from old truck to this one. Motion carried unanimously. Payment method discussed. Treasurer will talk to the bank about cashing in a CD.

4. Motion by Dave Baker, second by Don Mishler, to hire Wes Cemenski to be the grader driver for ice & snow removal. Carried.

5. Todd Elliott indicated that he still plans to try out his brushcutter on Squib Creek Drive . Dave Baker relayed an offer from Snuffy Nelson to mow the sides of Doyle Road. Board has reservations about liability. Clerk sent letters to Tom Holt and Robert Doyle asking them to buy culverts for their driveways.


1. Request from property owner Tim Gohla for a special town board meeting to facilitate a discussion of the so-called Kirchberg Road. Dave Baker explained to Don Proffit the procedure for starting a cartway petition. The first step is presenting the petition to the Board. Motion by Dave Baker, second by Don Mishler, to schedule a special town board meeting for August 4, 2008, at 1 p.m. in the town hall for the sole purpose of facilitating a discussion of the current status of the so-called Kirchberg Road. Carried.

2. Dave Fornengo reported on a need for community service opportunities in our township.

3. Motion by Dave Baker, second by Don Mishler, to pay gas receipts for lawnmower Clint Elliott. Carried.

4. Discussion of request by Arna Town Board Chair Dave Drake, for our township to do the work on the part of Hay Creek Road that is in Arna Township. Motion by Dave Baker, second by Dave Fornengo, to offer to do this road work at a rate of $100/hour. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Fran Levings, Clerk

Also signed by the Chair __________________________________

Date signed______________________________

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