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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.





             Meeting in the town hall at 7:15p.m., Supervisors Dave Baker and Ken Coveau, acting as the Board of Audit, reviewed the financial records of the Treasurer and Clerk, including receipts, claims, and payroll for the year 2011, did find the records to be reconciled with each other’s records and with the bank statements and did approve all financial records for the year.

Regular town board meeting called to order at7:30 vice-chair Dave Baker.  Also present were Supervisor Ken Coveau, Treasurer Margaret Coveau, and Clerk Fran Levings.  Absent was Chair Dave Fornengo.

Motion by Dave Baker, second by Ken Coveau, to approve the agenda.  Carried.

Motion by Dave Baker, second by Ken Coveau, to approve the minutes of theJanuary 11, 2012, meeting as printed.  Carried.

Treasurer Margaret Coveau presented the Treasurer’s Report. (Attached to file copy of these minutes).  Fund balances are:General-$9100.08, Road & Bridge-$1524.33, Cemetery/Landscaping-$680.88, Fire Protection- $228.49, Fire Hall-$125.45, Cartway-$89.15, Savings-$1152.30 and CDs-$42,430.83. Beginning this month, supervisors will receive a copy of all receipts and disbursements in both the General and Road & Bridge funds.  This handout will show where the township is on the budget for each fund.

Motion by Ken Coveau, second by Dave Baker to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Carried.  Consensus of the Board is to recommend that we continue using Northview Bank as our depository.

Clerk Fran Levings presented the Claims List and the Net Payroll List for approval.  (Attached to file copy of these minutes).   Motion by Ken Coveau, second by Dave Baker, to pay these bills. Carried.


  1. Reminder-Townshipelection and Annual Meeting- March 13.

Polls open4-8 p.m.-Annual Meeting begins at8:15 p.m.

  1. The Board of Canvass must consist of Board members who are not running for re-election and are not serving as a judge.  Board of Canvass responsibility is to certify the election results.  Dave Baker and Ken Coveau are the Board of Canvass for 2012.
  2. Motion by Ken Coveau, second by Dave Baker, to appoint Margaret Coveau to fill the vacancy of Vicki Elliott on the Absentee Ballot Board.  Carried.  Other Absentee Ballot Board members are Dave Baker and Marlene Mishler.
  3. Reminder- The regular March Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 21st, instead of March 14th this year.  The reason for the change for this month only is to give the Clerk and Treasurer time to prepare for the meeting after the Annual Meeting.
  4. Crescent-Tide Funeral Home inSt. Paulpurchased a grave for $100 and buried an indigent person onFebruary 2, 2012.
  5. We received a $204.00 reimbursement fromPineCountyfor damage done during a survey onDoyle Lanelast summer.
  6. Vice-Chair Dave Baker said that we are in compliance with the Road & Bridge levy for this year.



  1. Motion by Ken Coveau, second by Dave Baker, to accept the revised budget for 2012.  Carried.
  2. Via a telephone conversation with Clerk Levings, Cartway petitioner Jerry Hanson asked for a copy of the Wetland Delineation Report and said he is not inclined to withdraw the petition at this time. Clerk will send him a copy of the report.


  1. A property owner has offered to install culverts for the township. Clerk will ask him to submit a bid after the road review has been done.
  2. Two persons are interested in the lawn mowing job.  A decision will be made at the March meeting.
  3. Discussion of grader pay was tabled until the March meeting.
  4. Vice-Chair Baker reported on a telephone conversation with DNR person Mark Miller in which Mr. Miller informed him of work and culvert installation to be done on theRash Road.
  5. Consensus was to not take a $39 membership in the Federal Surplus Property program at this time.
  6. Supervisor Ken Coveau will look for chains to purchase for the snow plow truck.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, ______________________  Clerk Fran Levings

Also signed by the Vice-Chair _______________________Date ____________

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