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New solar panels at New Dosey Township Town Hall added October 2011

Little Library for Cloverton
Weekenders Carole and Ron Hessler built this adorable Little Library for Cloverton. People can leave a book, then take a book to read.



Meeting called to order at 7:30pm by Chair Dave Fornengo.  Also present were the following: Supervisor’s Dave Baker & Anthony Fornengo, Clerk Tamara Miritello, Treasurer Wayne Hessler and NPAHD Representative Fran Levings was absent.


Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Dave Baker, to approve the agenda. (Carried 3-0)

Motion by Anthony Fornengo, second by Dave Fornengo, to approve the minutes from April 13th, 2022 meeting. (Carried 3-0)

Treasurer’s Report and Cash Balance Statement – tabled (Carried 3-0)

                                Books are still being worked on by MAT trainer

Clerk Tamara Miritello prepared and presented the Claims and Payroll list for approval.

CLAIMS – May 2022

                AT&T                                                     Phone/Internet May 2022                                            $275.85

                ECE                                                         Electric May 2022                                                             $62.00

                Tamara Miritello                             Stamps – Reimbursement                                           $58.00

                MATIT                                                   Insurance                                                                            $2,100.00

                Ziegler                                                  Cat Parts                                                                              $561.84

                Doug Wiita                                         Mileage – Reimbursement                                          $51.00

                                                                                                                                                     TOTAL            $3,109.69


Dave Baker                                                                                                                         $215.00

Anthony Fornengo                                                                                                          $215.00

Dave Fornengo                                                                                                                 $265.00

Wayne Hessler                                                                                                                 $100.00

Fran Levings                                                                                                                       $85.00

Tamara Miritello                                                                                                             $245.00

Doug Wiita                                                                                                                         $562.50

                                                                                                                TOTAL                $1,687.50

Motion by Dave Fornengo, second by Anthony Fornengo, to pay these bills. (Carried 3-0)


  1. MAT trainer is still working on our books, been busy with the ARPA applications.
    1. Filed for MN State Year End Audit extension per Nicole from MAT
  2. Notice for Candidate begins Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 and ends May 31st, 2022
  3. Change in Mail in Ballot process – table
  4. Updated culvert prices
  5. Township Legal Seminar
    1. Saturday, September 17th, 2022 @ Rutledge
  6. Looking for Deputy Clerk
  7. ARPA Report has been submitted ($8,524.02)
  8. Lawnmowing will be done by Jason Fornengo


  1. Road Work –
    1. Road Review as follows
      1. Little ox creek- class 5 entire road, tree removal
      1. School house- class 5 entire road, tree removal.
      1.  Enderstrom- class 5
      1.  Creek view- tree removal, brushing, culvert at 1.2 miles north of co 32
      1.  Matt Lourey north- .5 miles culvert and class 5. Tim to walk sheer up and down.
      1.  Matt Lourey south- pit run where needed.
      1.  Doyle lane- class 5 entire
      1.  Bee hive- 2-3 loads pit run for turn around.
      1.  Kingsdahl- pit run where needed. Replaced collapsed Culvert at kingsdahl and omans drive.
      1.  Red maple lane- pit run to cover road fabric.
      1.  Omans Drive- pit run where stakes are, new alley.
    1. County Assessing – County will be doing property assessing as Bob Brewster is retiring. – Contract signed
    1. Insurance information updated


  1. Pine County Broadband project – going to see if we can apply for program.

Anything else to come to the board? – NONE

Next meeting is JUNE 8th, 2022 @7:30PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:10PM

Respectfully submitted,

Tamara L Miritello, Clerk Also, Signed by the Chair____________________________________________________

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